Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Prison of Youth.

Locked up! 
So much inside
Trying to run 
Dying to hide
& Yes, they know
For it’s on my face
Just put on a smile
Before the tears begin to race

I am looking for more  
But I cannot see
So I trip & I fall 
& I beg & I plead
I try to stand strong
Yet collapse to my knees
Praying for peace that
May never come to me

So shhhh…, Stay quiet
Don’t let them know
In the darkness you cry 
When it’s too painful to grow
'Cause it's scary to get hurt!
Or worse lose your way
Just keep your head up
Carry on with your days

Cause my dear friend
The truth is difficult to say
You’ve got to stay honest
Stay true, Stay brave.
Take it one day at a time
Let the chips fall where they may
Keep your head up
& surely you will find your way

Lyric Lee