Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Now I know what you think
When you look into her eyes
You desiring her
Means you've been feeding me lies

She challenges you
& your concept of us
Along with the Love
Now I question the trust

The time and the faith
I have put into you
Now knowing the truth
I question what you do

But I saw this coming
Its no surprise to me
As you decide what you want
And with whom to be

So here's to the question
I wouldn't let you ask
Because I knew you loved me
But were not through with your past

So do what you must
Yet don't string me along
Or hold me tight and tell me
You haven't wanted her all along


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

As I Am.

Freedom's been given to me
It's my birth right to fly
Regardless of the questions
Allow my spirit to rise

I'm fighting for a reality
In what was once justified
By the air I breathe
By the tears I've cried

I've fought hard
To be who I am today
Stand for what I do
Back all the things I say

And I am only me
This is the way I will stay
So take me as I am
Or simply walk the other way

'Cause the last thing I'll do
Is beg you to stay.


Power & Presence

Because of you
I look in the mirror
and am unsure of what I see
Because of you every morning I ask
To be accepted.. must I hate me?

Because of you I wonder
Because of you I ask
It's because of you
I've wanted to run away from myself
..... & Run away fast.

Because of you
I cry
Because of you
I'll die
Because of you
It's fine!
For them to do this to me 

Because of you I hate who I am
So I prayed to the Heavens
The Heavens in which you believe
"Can I come back as someone different someday...
Cause I don't want to be me."

Because of You
I struggle in ways no one ever should
Because of You
I march alone
I never thought I would

Now I can't trust myself
And that quiet voice within
It's like looking at a piece of myself
Screaming out you're not right
Amanda your broken!

& It's all because of you
I wish you only knew....
How much you hurt me then
And how much it hurts me still.


Friday, May 15, 2015


Have you ever looked
At your woman and known
She deserves so much more than you?
At times, when you looked her
Do you ask what more can I do?
Do you hold her extra tight
When you make love to her at night?
To assure yourself she's real
Her love is truly what you feel

When her touch brushes you
And you fear its your imagination
Do you realize she's the one
He made for you, God's creation?
When she takes your breath away
By her sweet sexy smell
Every time she passes by you
Are you reminded of why you fell?

& When she lays close
In the safety of your arms
Would you give your life to protect her?
Keep your love and her from harm?
And when she smiles at you
From across a crowded space
Do you think of forever
As your heart speeds to a race?

Do you cry cause you wish
You had so much more to give?
That one incredible woman
Your love and reason to live
All you can do is tell her
Whatever you truly feel
All that's in your heart...
"I love's you's never felt so real"


Monday, April 6, 2015

Walk Away

When you give all you've got
Even your very last tear
And all you want is for her
To hold you near

Once you have nothing left
To offer or give
Still you'd give your last breath
Only to watch her live

Still she pushes you away
Though you love her so
Her past and her pride
She will never let go

And when you reach for her
She pushes you away
Though you admit you need her
Its the same everyday

You say you won't beg
Then your down on your knees
While you bleed in pain
You cry alone in vain

Because she noticed your tears
For they've flooded your eyes
But still she walks away
Though she can hear you cry

So how can she love you?
Want you as her wife?
When she refuses to share
The precious parts of her life

Like her hopes and her dreams
Life's frustrations and fears
She does not trust you enough
To reveal what is so dear

See, there's nothing you can do
It's the way things will stay
So gather up your dignity
In the face of your pain

Ask God for strength & peace
Hold onto your faith
Cause it's gonna hurt like hell
Once you decide to turn and walk away


Saturday, April 4, 2015

How I Wanna Love

When I think of how I want to love, I think…
I want to love deep like the roots of my ancestors
I want to look into the eyes of the purest love
I want to be touched by the angels of heaven

& when I share a moment…
I want to live, breathe, and love that moment!
I mean, I want to be caught off guard by butterflies
& exhausted by my hearts endless tries
I want to see forever in my loves eyes

I want to wake up inspired
When I make love, create fire!
I mean, I want to pass out from my bodies endless desires…
I want the colors to seem brighter
Life’s burdens to feel lighter
I just want a simple kiss to get me higher

I want to love forever
From now ending never
& You know what? It is possible.
So, I want to thank God 
For such a wondrous, Heavenly pleasure
& for allowing us to love
With no Earthly measure


Stimulate Me

If you want in, break down these walls
Unlock my chains & untie my hands
To behold my treasures
Conquer my emotions
& Bind me with your words

Stimulate me Baby
Make me tingle from head to toe
Hold me with each breath
As I crave you more
Make me melt in your hands
Until I puddle to the floor

Give me your intellect... your brilliance
I want to know all of you
Stimulate my soul without a touch
Withhold your kiss from my lips
Get me on your level
With that good talk
I want that mind sex

Penetrate my mind with your words
Caress me from the inside... out
Bring me to Heaven then walk me back down
I want to enjoy your mouth
Experience all it can teach me
Yes, give me all you've got
Down to your very last thought!

Hold me with your gaze
Without the comfort of your arms
Show me the intimacy
I've longed for like the deserts
Which long for the rains
Yes, unlock my chains & untie my hands
Conquer my emotions
& Bind me with your words