Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Because of You

Because of you
I look in the mirror
and am unsure of what I see
Because of you every morning I ask
To be accepted.. must I hate me?

Because of you I wonder
Because of you I ask
It's because of you
I've wanted to run away from myself
Get away fast.

Because of you
I cry
Because of you
I've die
Because of you
It's fine!
For them to do this to me 

Because of you I hate who I am
So I prayed to the Heavens
The Heavens in which you believe
"Can I come back as someone different someday?
'Cause I don't want to be me."

Because of You
I struggle in ways no one ever should
Because of You
I march alone
I never thought I would

Now I can't trust myself
or that quiet voice within
It's like looking at a piece of myself
Screaming out you're not right
Amanda you're broken!

& It's all because of you
I wish you only knew....
How much you hurt me then
How much it hurts me still.


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