Monday, June 1, 2015


I am guilty.
Yet human at best
& Now, I sit at the mercy
Of your forgiveness

Can it be done?
Can we go on?
Can we stay strong?
Past the accusations of right 
..... & of wrong?

Now only distant lovers
With broken dreams
Trapped in a melodrama
Where things are never as they seem
& this time I'm to blame

This time the guilt is my shame
So I lay in the ruins 
Looking over the mess
Holding my breath knowing
I'll die waiting for your forgiveness

But don't dare judge me
As I stand here with my mistakes
Naked to you, tears of shame on my face
I'm here in humility baring the guilt that's inside 
Hoping to be absolved not cower behind my pride.

LyricLee 2009

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