Saturday, January 23, 2016

Art Imitates Life

Here we are.
Here we are as it has been forever
Nothing has changed
The lessons of life are all the same

Time is the only constant
& life is ever evolving
The oceans carry centuries
Dancing beneath the currents

Summer winds whisper
The memories of all things past
History repeats itself again & again
Yet the people never learn

Great stories have been told
& recycled since the beginning
Still we can't seem to
Figure this thing out

The blueprint has been made
& the model formed
Still we fight against destiny
To avoid our connectivity

What strength do we hold
If we never open our eyes?
Truly take in the beauty
That is this life?

All our stories lay within the pages of time
The storybook of human emotions and lies
Historians, painters, poets alike
Know one thing to be true, Art Imitates Life.

- Lyric Lee '16

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