Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I Remember.

I remember the First time You smiled at Me
Such Wonder & Curiosity! I remember the Nights You tried to get me to Stay
For One more Kiss
One more Conversation
One More Day.

I Remember The nights You made me Scream Your Name
I remember the Urgency of your Touch.
Intentions strong & it was Never Enough
I Remember the Light in your Eyes! Baby, I Remember Every Time.
I Remember Butterflies
As I fell deep into your eyes,
I Remember
You slipped, Tripped
& Fell into Mine
I held onto your Curves & I found The Divine!

Do You..
Midday kisses on the back of my neck?
Afternoon delights & hood Sunsets?
Your arms around me tightly promising you'd never forget? Knowing, Hoping it's not over yet.
I remember.

© Lyric Lee 2017

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