Saturday, April 4, 2015

Eternal Horizon

I look at you daily…
You’re just out of my reach
Every time I lean towards you
You take a leap
I chase you with my body
Exhaust my endless mind
I take steps towards your comfort
And you rob my dreams blind
See, I learned it’s all an illusion
One I can never touch
It’s just never meant to happen
Though to me it’d mean so much
Cause every step I take
You take another
Over here.. over there
In one way or the other!
And I’m left feeling quiet… & silent, still
I miss chasing you
I think I always will

I look to you now
& there quietly you stay
I don’t run after you anymore
Though I hope to race again someday
I will run in the direction
My heart tells me to go
I will travel forever to touch you
To a love I will always know


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