Saturday, April 4, 2015

How I Wanna Love

When I think of how I want to love, I think…
I want to love deep like the roots of my ancestors
I want to look into the eyes of the purest love
I want to be touched by the angels of heaven

& when I share a moment…
I want to live, breathe, and love that moment!
I mean, I want to be caught off guard by butterflies
& exhausted by my hearts endless tries
I want to see forever in my loves eyes

I want to wake up inspired
When I make love, create fire!
I want to pass out from my bodies endless desires…
I want the colors to seem brighter
Life’s burdens to feel lighter
I want a simple kiss to get me higher

I want to love forever.
From now ending never
& You know what? It's out there.
So, for now, I thank God for such a wondrous pleasure
& for allowing us to love
With no Earthly measure


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