Monday, April 6, 2015

Walk Away

When you give all you've got
Even your very last tear
And all you want is for her
To hold you near

Once you have nothing left
To offer or give
Still you'd give your last breath
Only to watch her live

Still she pushes you away
Though you love her so
Her past and her pride
She will never let go

And when you reach for her
She pushes you away
Though you admit you need her
Its the same everyday

You say you won't beg
Then your down on your knees
While you bleed in pain
You cry alone in vain

Because she noticed your tears
For they've flooded your eyes
But still she walks away
Though she can hear you cry

So how can she love you?
Want you as her wife?
When she refuses to share
The precious parts of her life

Like her hopes and her dreams
Life's frustrations and fears
She does not trust you enough
To reveal what is so dear

See, there's nothing you can do
It's the way things will stay
So gather up your dignity
In the face of your pain

Ask God for peace and strength
Hold onto your faith
Cause it's gonna hurt like hell
Once you decide to turn and walk away


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