Saturday, April 4, 2015

Stimulate Me

If you want in, break down these walls
Unlock my chains & untie my hands
To behold my treasures
Conquer my emotions
& Bind me with your words

Stimulate me Baby
Make me tingle from head to toe
Hold me with each breath
As I crave you more
Make me melt in your hands
Until I puddle to the floor

Give me your intellect... you're brilliance
I want to know all of you
Stimulate my soul without a touch
Withhold your kiss from my lips
Get me on your level
With that good talk
I want that mind sex

Penetrate my mind with your words
Caress me from the inside out
Bring me to Heaven then walk me back down
I want to enjoy your mouth
Experience all it can teach me
Yes, give me all you've got
Down to your very last thought!

Hold me with your gaze
Without the comfort of your arms
Show me the intimacy
I've longed for like the deserts
Which long for the rains
Yes, unlock my chains & untie my hands
Conquer my emotions
& Bind me with your words


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